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Townsville Water Fluoridation

Townsville has enjoyed the benefits of water fluoridation since 1965, whereas Brisbane is unfluoridated....what are the effects for our kids?

Children (5-12 years), growing up in Townsville have up to 65% less tooth decay than their Brisbane counterparts according to a 1996 study published in the Australian and NZ Journal of Public Health (ADA.org)

The large scale study of 18,000 Queenslanders found our Townsville kids had 32-55% fewer deciduous (baby) tooth surfaces with restorations (fillings) and 20-65% fewer permanent tooth surfaces affected by caries.

The study concluded that water fluoridation appears to provide a substantial public health benefit for children in Townsville.

One key point to highlight is, any suburb and towns north of Townsville, (ie Bushland Beach) has a different water catchment (Paluma) and therefore is un-fluoridated.

Please speak to our Dental Therapists if you have any questions regarding this.