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What is a Dental Therapist?

We have two Dental Therapists here at Courtney Dental, Julie and Ruth.

A Dental Therapist is a registered oral health professional who provides dental care to children and young adults to the age of 17 years.

Dental care of our young patients includes:

  • Examinations of teeth and mouth including radiographs
  • Diagnosis of dental disease and prepare an oral care plan to discuss with both our patient and parent/carer
  • Restoring deciduous and permanent teeth
  • Extraction of deciduous teeth
  • Emergency care such as trauma and toothaches
  • Providing preventative techniques such as fissure sealants + fluoride therapies
  • Impressions for mouthguards (made here in surgery)
  • Referring patients to other healthcare professions where patients require further treatment (ie orthodontics + oral surgery)
  • Engaging in prevention and oral health care advice and promotion for both patients and within the wider community (ie classroom presentations)