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Implant Procedure

The procedure is performed in the dental chair with local anaesthetic. The treatment is conducted over several months with most patients reporting very little to no discomfort, and the majority returning to their normal daily routine within days of their appointments.

A small incision is made and the implant guided into the optimal pre-determine position diagnosed by oral examinations and radiographs. Once in place, the incision is sutured and the implant is left to heal and integrate with your jawbone. This occurs because the implant materials is biocompatible to the living bone tissue.

Rarely the implant may fail to integrate with your jaw bone, if this occurs, it is removed and allowed to heal, prior to a replacement implant being inserted. It is unlikely that the second implant will not be successful.

At various stages throughout the implant procedure, impressions will be taken, so as a detailed replacement crown or bridge can be fabricated ensuring an exact final fit.

Once healed, the head of the implant is exposed and an abutment component is attached. The abutment is the support connector for the crown or bridge. The gums around the abutment are then allowed to heal for several weeks.

Your final appointment involves attaching the crown or bridge to the abutment. This can be a permanent fixture using cement or screws, or made into a removable appliance to aid in cleaning, called an over-denture.