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Krista Japan or bust!

Recently Krista and her partner David ventured OS for their first big trip - bound for Tokyo. Fortunately Craig and his family were also heading to Japan, so Krista and David tagged along.

While there, Craig and Krista use some of their time to visit dental practices in Tokyo, which also included specialists and some foreign dentist practising in Tokyo. This is to keep ensuring we are upto date with the latest dental ideas and technology here in Townsville. Also there was some spare time dedicated to Disneyland and Disneysea, Tokyo and the snow fields.

Since it was Krista and Davids first 'snow experience' everyone was shocked Krista actually learnt how to ski and more importantly return home without breaking any bones and still smiling!!

We think she has quietly 'caught the travel bug' now, with chats around the watercooler discussing a trip to NZ, and a return trip to Japan.

Craig was impressed with how "savvy" travel wise they were, as he was expecting them to more like the Clampetts!!

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