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ADX from Lians perspective

What happens at ADX stays on ADX - that was our motto! My first time travelling to the Australian Dental Exhibition was an experience of food, wine, dental equipment, food, dental materials and did I mention food? Arriving early Thursday afternoon I am advised it is the "Courtney Dental" ritual that we go to BBQ King for Peking duck. Little did I know, it was to be more of a feast than just some duck pancakes! As planned we woke early for some breakfast prior to heading to the ADX, but the MSG seemed to of affected me a little more than the others (not saying it was the duck pancakes, but it definitely could not have been the wine!) After receiving our name tags, I noticed I had been issued a dentist/specialist tag instead of a dental assistant tag and it seemed to act like a beacon for the reps to hone in me, this aside we were able to wonder around looking at all the new equipment and dental materials on offer. Ruth was able to experience the life life training model for the dental students, even with a 'real-life' gag reflex! The night was spent dining with the team, followed by another day at the ADX, the MSG effects seemed to be wearing off! Another feast of duck pancakes to farewell Craig and Bernie back to Townsville, now the four girls could have "free-time", for some sightseeing of Sydney including Bondi, food, Harbour, wine, shops, food, wine and two times tutti fruitti. Besides the effects of the MSG, my first time at the ADX was a great learning experience, of all the current and advancing dental equipment and materials available to us in the Australian dental industry.


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